Experienced and passionate professional with over 26 years in developing store concepts and operations, new food products, and my own coffee equipment parts to elevate how food is tasted and bring joy to people's lives. I am the inventor of a variety coffee tools and filter baskets (including Baristapro and 15 other models already in the market since 2016).  I have consulted and improved espresso machine designs for companies in the industry (such as Slayer, Synesso, Cimbali, Unic).


As both an independent food consultant and sales agent for the industry, I have developed a wide network among producers, equipment manufacturers and shop owners.  I have been responsible for coordinating projects across multiple companies, pursuing innovation as well as customer education by wearing multiple hats and partnering with businesses to deliver exceptional espresso and bar service.

Range of services includes selling, evaluating, and modifying equipment/parts, developing & designing new innovative products, and delivering hands-on training from corporate level to home baristas. 

With a deep knowledge of the industry and an understanding of the needs of stakeholders and equipment companies, my approach to the coffee world combines big-picture thinking with highest expectations for the individual coffee experience, simultaneously improving quality and increasing company profits.

I have technical understanding of the preparation and delivery process, experience with coffee shop and bar design, management, training, and international expertise and connections. When it comes to coffee bar design, I have developed an eye for things often overlooked, modified and redesigned tools, gears, environmental spaces, and marketing strategies.  My success in the coffee business and sales is attributed to my continued desire to better the industry and improve quality.

Successful design requires harmonious integration with food service and the workplace culture and values. Believing in the importance of teamwork, ongoing individual skills development, and training in order to provide a high-quality product and colorful experience. 

The professional knowledge I have gained through a career in the food industry, as well as leadership in sales and marketing (working as a North American Business Development Executive) helps customers and students to see things in a different way and reestablish their approach and vision.

I am committed to food excellence and look forward to bringing my passion and skills to ensure you reach your goals and improve your tasting experience.

                                                                                                                                  Sauro Dall'Aglio